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From the small beautiful coastal town of Oamaru New Zealand to the fashion capitals of the world - New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Dublin, Lillianna has always been in love with fashion and world travel…..for as long as she can remember she has had a great intrigue with what's in "VOGUE" and what's not and what makes it so, even as a small child she would wear her mothers clothes around the streets…stiletto's included

 At college she excelled in Art History and Art. Her mother often encouraging her to paint….......


And now two decades later she is using her time and experience in the fashion industry to interpret the beautiful images from glossy magazines, to what she has seen, worn, designed, touched, enjoyed and travelled the world for - from her heart to her hand she carefully recreates the beauty that she sees in every day life onto handcrafted cotton woven canvas. 

With an eye for detail and a passion for colour, lines and symmetry Lillianna uses all her knowledge and artiste flair to place her creations on the canvas, every detail, every colour, every contrast carefully executed with an eye for perfection and a love of energy that flows whilst in the creation stage.

Lillianna currently has invitations to show her art works in both Japan and the USA, however keeping up with demand for latest creations both here and overseas, leaves her little time at the moment to organise her exhibitions. Lillianna enjoys the direct connection with her clients and will often visit their homes to offer support with art placement and colour schemes that bring a room to life. The complimentary option of having Lillianna visit your home for advice is available where and whenever possible - just ask

Lillianna has proven that art can be anything you want it to be and should be enjoyed on a daily basis as well as appreciating in value over time. Her Artworks are impressive & collected world wide – thank you for visiting her site we hope you enjoyed the experience. 

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